Greetings and welcome to Mind, Body and Spirit. aiming to bring harmony to the lives of fellow Windsorites. From hand crafted herbal medicines (oils and teas) and our fresh home (Pick up or delivery available)  to our yoga routines ranging from various difficulty levels. maybe your seeking ways to lead a healthier lifestyle but need like minded people to converse with? well from our foodie page you can find (and contribute) recipes for all eating times or scroll through our blog for much other things related to that Zen life we all seek .....Stay awhile 

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PSA: Pinkys in the air!!

Heads up tea lovers, during the winter months ordering weekly will accumulate stamps for a free tea product at the end of each month....What better way to renew, revitalize and stay warm as a bonus?

Improve strength, awareness and Harmony of your body and mind. Breathing exercises, Meditation and Poses that stretch and flex various muscle groups

Summer Yoga Sessions

What?: Summer group classes

Where?:  Mic Mac Park

When?: Wednesdays 5pm - 6pm

Admission : $20 drop-ins, mats and props provided must email 24-48 hours to register

Looking to integrate a healthier lifestyle? whether it be Herbal medicine, healing crystals and SEAMOSS!! we've got you covered. Welcome to the .........

To a fault we are engineered to grab different foods and say we ate and call it a day but is that food in the realm of being remotely organic let alone good for you? from breakfast to Desert we are bound to have some recipe that will entice you to make that first step to a cleaner diet


feel free to ask any questions, also feedback or advice from the community would be appreciated, thanks!